About Us


Yepko.net started as a family owned business in 2011 and in the last 6 years, we have expanded greatly across the whole Europe. Yepko.net uses Swarovski Elements Crystals® in most of their merchandise. These glittery imitation diamonds possesses extraordinary optical and aesthetic characteristics and they shine 6 times more than a normal glass based crystal used in making jewellery. Swarovski Elements Crystals® are a guarantee of the finest quality product.




The creative universe of Yepko.net has always found its inspiration in London- the heart of Fashion Industry. We have discovered an aspirational niche for high-end costume jewellery and accessories and we are redefining luxury ideals through fashion-forward styling. 


Yepko.net creations are an incarnation of British refinement with a keen eye for detail. Yepko.net unique take on materials and designs throughout each collection maintains a luxurious feel – with a number of high quality sterling silver, rose gold and gold finishes.


Every item is labored over with great care, from delicate bracelets to chunky bangles, from crystal adorned earrings to statement necklaces, every item in the crystal collection from Yepko.net Jewels is truly special and we always have something exiting and new to offer.


All products are tried and tested before they are put to market, and materials are meticulously selected to ensure products maintain their sparkle from day one.